What is TheaterMob?

  • We are a social group designed to build support across Houston’s performing arts scene by uniting current and future supporters of the resident arts organizations.

How does it work?

  • TheaterMob has no membership fee!  We coordinate five shows each year with an organized social afterwards, along with periodic happy hours.
  • You get an email with links and contact info to the ticket offices, you buy your own tickets, and show up knowing that there will be a group of folks at the same show with whom to socialize both during intermissions and at the meetup afterwards.
  • The network grows, we increase support everywhere, and everyone has a great time and lives happily ever after (unless we’re actually actors in an opera).

Why join?

  • Folks don’t always realize what’s out there, or they may have an opinion of a type of theater.  Then they see a show with some friends having never been, and realize “Hey! I enjoyed this, and never expected it!”
  • Building connections between various supporters will facilitate what the resident organizations refer to as “cross pollination,”  letting cooperation be a foundation upon which to grow support.  We’re helping to increase this. Some folks enjoy the socials as much as the shows!
  • It’s fun, and you get to make new friends!

Sign up for reminders and invites to events:

From our Founder:

“Over the past decade I’ve been fortunate to have participated formally in the Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera organizations, and informally with the Houston Symphony, Alley Theatre, and TUTS.  The people I’ve met during this time have been incredible; they’re amicable, knowledgeable, deeply interesting, and are all-around fun. 

One thing has become clear during this journey, however: the arts organizations need us.  While they maintain their success with each awesome season, there is still more room for supporters to grow, cooperate, and cross-pollinate in the spirit of supporting our local performers. 

We have an immense opportunity to grow grassroots support AND socialize at the same time!  That’s what we’re about at the Houston TheaterMob.  We want you to meet new people, learn more about what Houston’s arts scene has to offer, and have loads of fun in the process. 

Each night is more than a show: it’s an experience.  Nothing this coordinated has been done before.  We are the first.  Welcome.” 

-David Moyer